Germaine’s Luau: The Best Oahu Luau on the Beach

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Germaine's Luau on the Beach Oahu Hawaii

Inside: If you’re looking for a terrific Oahu luau right on the beach, Germaine’s is the one to book.

There’s nothing more uniquely Hawaiian than enjoying a traditional lūʻau by the beach. And at Germaine’s Luau, it’s truly a toes-in-the-sand experience.

Since my husband and I moved to Oahu, we have attended several luaus (primarily when friends and family visit). Full disclosure, we’ve enjoyed them all.

I mean, I’m not sure there’s a bad luau in Hawaii.

Okay sure, some luaus are easier to get to than others. And I admit that some have better food or entertainment than others.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to book through these links, I receive a small commission, which I will likely blow on mai tais, poke, and shave ice.  All of this internet voodoo takes place at no additional cost to you. 

I’ve had a great time at all of them so far. But there’s something special about attending a luau right on the beach with the sound of waves crashing and perhaps even a rainbow or two.

So let’s talk about Oahu’s longest-running luau and what makes it so special.

Overview 🌺

Since 1976, Germaine’s Luau has been welcoming visitors to Oahu with their own style of traditional backyard Hawaiian luau.

Located 27 miles from the heart of Waikiki on the tranquil shores of West Oahu, Germaine’s Luau invites you to embrace the “Spirit of Old Hawaii.”

Celebrated as America’s Best Luau, this beachfront oasis on a former family estate near Barber’s Point lighthouse has welcomed over 3 million guests into its warm ‘ohana.

Germaine’s Luau maintains the traditions of the Stephenson family, whose legacy of hospitality and festive gatherings continues to thrive among the coconut trees planted for each family member.

It’s an unforgettable evening by the sea where history, culture, and the aloha spirit blend into a traditional luau celebration.

Location & Setting 📍

Location: 91-119 Olai Street, Kapolei, HI 96707

The area on the way to the luau grounds was once made up of lush sugar cane fields. However, today you’ll be driving through the Campbell Industrial Park to get there. And likely wondering how there could possibly be a luau somewhere back there.

Don’t worry, there is. And once you reach the beachfront area you’ll quickly forget the slightly boring drive to get there.

Days of the Week 📅

Germaine’s Luau takes place on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday each week. Check-in starts at 5:15pm, dinner is served at 6:30pm, and the show begins at 7:30pm.

Things typically wrap up around 8:30pm (we were back home in Waikiki by 9:30pm).

Luau Package Tiers 🎟️

Like most luaus in Hawaii, Germaine’s Luau has three pricing tiers from the basic experience (think shell lei and last in line for the buffet) to a VIP experience that includes first crack at the buffet and a special gift.

Here are the 3 packages available at Germaine’s:

  • Plumeria Luau Package – For a VIP experience, book this package. It includes a Kukui Nut Lei greeting, reserved seating in the front row of tables, first “dismissal” to the buffet, 3 drink tickets for alcoholic beverages, an express service bar window, and a souvenir gift for all adults.
  • Original Luau Package – This mid-tier package includes open seating in the central section of the dining area, a Hawaiian shell lei greeting, 2 alcoholic beverages, and a souvenir gift for all adults.
  • Makai Luau Package – This budget-friendly package includes open seating on the outer perimeter, a traditional shell lei greeting, and 1 alcoholic beverage.

For kids and non-drinkers, all luau packages include unlimited soft drinks and hot coffee. There’s no table service at this luau, drink orders are placed at the bar window.

We decided to splurge on the Plumeria package because our adult kids were visiting Hawaii for the first time. Overall, I think it was a good value. Especially since the top package at Germaine’s is priced similarly to mid-range packages at other luaus.

The Souvenir gift is a nice water bottle/flask with Germaine’s logo on it. And instead of one gift per family (like the Mauka Warriors Luau) everyone in our group got one.

Souvenir flask with Plumeria package at Germaine's Luau
Plumeria package Souvenir gift

If you purchase the Makai package, there is a gift shop where you can purchase your own souvenir if you’d like to.

They also sell a cute tiki glass for $18 at the bar and in the gift shop. If you purchase one of these, the bartenders will fill it up in exchange for a drink ticket (basically 2-3x the size of a normal drink).

So, if you book the basic package and want to make the most of your one drink ticket (and get a fun souvenir to take home), buy a tiki glass.

Somehow we came home with three (not me, I was the driver).

Souvenir tiki glasses at Germaine's Luau
Souvenir tiki glasses (for purchase)

How to Purchase Tickets

Prices are always subject to change but generally, the basic package starts at $119 and ranges up to $198 per person for the Plumeria package.

Hula dancers in pink costumes on stage at Germaine's Luau

Germaine’s Luau

This beachfront backyard-style Hawaiian luau is Oahu’s longest-running luau and a great pick for a “toes-in-the-sand” luau experience.

How to Get Great Seats

Seating is assigned based on the package you book.

The Plumeria Package is the only package with reserved seating, the other two are open seating.

The Original Package is open seating in the second row. The Makai Package is open seating at the perimeter tables.

Whichever package you book, it pays to get there as early as possible to get the best seats.

Table layout at Germaine's Luau on the Beach with a rainbow in the background
Table layout at Germaine’s Luau

Even with the Plumeria package, if you want a front-row seat, get there as soon as check-in starts. While tables are assigned for Plumeria guests, the seats at each table are first-come, first-served.

We arrived early enough to get the four front-row seats at our table and had the perfect view of the show!

It’s worth noting that all tables at Germaine’s Luau are uncovered. That means if it rains you’ll get wet. We had a slight drizzle through most of the show but it wasn’t too bad.

Bringing a light rain jacket is a good idea though since the show goes on rain or shine.

How to Get There 🚗

Located in Kapolei, Germaine’s Luau is a good distance from Waikiki. But like most luaus around the island, they do provide convenient round trip Waikiki transportation by bus for $35 per person.

If you’re staying in Ko Olina, the drive time to Germaine’s is less than 15 minutes. But from Waikiki, plan on an hour if you’re driving (Honolulu traffic in the pre-luau hours is generally awful, it won’t take as long to get back after).

If you drive yourself, on-site parking is available for $5 per vehicle.

Pre-Luau Cultural Activities 🥥

When you arrive, everyone is welcomed with a lei greeting. Then you’ll have the opportunity to pose for a souvenir photo (available for purchase later for an additional cost of $20) before heading down to the beach.

Souvenir photo of our family at Germaine's luau
Souvenir photo of our family at Germaine’s luau

The beginning of the evening includes pre-dinner cultural activities in the beach area. You’ll find a lei-making station and even a (temporary) tattoo artist.

Compared to other luaus I’ve attended, the pre-dinner cultural activities are a little light at Germaine’s. Both the Mauka Warriors Luau and the Hale Koa Luau feature robust cultural activities that are more varied and hands-on (which is great if you’re attending with kids).

But luckily, there was plenty of entertainment happening sporadically on the stage. And of course, a beautiful sunset in progress on the beach.

Cultural activities pre-luau lei making
Lei making before the luau

The Imu Ceremony

The sounding of the conch shell is the invitation for everyone to gather at the imu (a traditional underground oven used for cooking that delicious Kalua pig!).

Imu ceremony raising of the Kalua pig at Germaines Luau
Imu ceremony and the raising of the Kalua pig

The presentation of the pua’a (pig) at the imu ceremony is followed by everyone heading back to their tables for dinner.

Then, each table is invited to the buffet in the order of the package they purchased.

Food and Drinks 🍹

Some luaus in Hawaii are buffet-style and others are plated meals. Germaine’s Luau is an all-you-can-eat buffet. A buffet is always my preference since it allows you to try foods you might not otherwise try. (And go back for seconds of the traditional island favorites you love!)

Guests going through the buffet line at Germaine's luau
The buffet line at Germaine’s

Most luaus are more about the show than the food and that’s also true at Germaine’s. I enjoyed the food and there were plenty of choices but I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars for food.

Plate of luau dinner at Germaine's Luau
The luau food at Germaine’s

It’s not the best meal I’ve ever had at a luau but I found it very tasty and it included all of the Hawaiian favorites I love including the all-important Kalua pork!

As far as the drinks go, those got 5 stars from my 3-drink-ticket-tiki-glass-holding family members. I also enjoyed the one that I had!

Entertainment 💃

My favorite part of a luau is always the show. From hula to fire dancing, the typical luau show offers an action-packed hour or two of solid entertainment with a storyline focused on Polynesian culture and history.

Hula dancers performing at Germaine's Luau
Hula dancers take the stage after dinner

Honestly, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a bad show at a luau, but some are better than others. They all tend to incorporate similar elements like humor, music, and incredible dancing.

With that said, the “cousins” at Germaine’s put on a great show. The performers are talented and very entertaining.

My favorite thing about the show at Germaine’s is the fire dancer, he’s especially fun to watch and has a great sense of humor for a guy playing with fire.

Fire dancer performing on stage at Germaine's luau
The excellent fire dancer!

Highlights 🌟

The highlight of Germaines Luau, and the part that is totally worth the drive, is the luau’s physical location on a lovely private beach.

We were even treated to several rainbows before dinner (no extra charge, haha) and it was a truly spectacular setting.

It’s the Hawaiian Islands straight out of central casting.

Rainbow over the luau stage at Germaine's Luau Oahu
Rainbow over the luau stage at Germaine’s Luau

What You Might Not Like 👎

No luau experience is perfect and there are a handful of drawbacks to Germaine’s Luau to be aware of.

First, the fact that it’s right on the sand can be difficult for those with limited mobility. They do have handicapped seating options but just be aware that you’ll be doing a lot of walking in the sand.

Tip: Don’t. Wear. Heels.

Second, for my husband, all that sand came with dozens of sand fly bites on his legs. They didn’t bother any of the rest of us. And, to be fair, he is particularly susceptible to mosquito bites as well.

But just something to be aware of. It’s a good idea to bring bug repellant just to be safe.

Overall Experience & Value 🏆 

Our family loved this luau experience. Compared to other luaus around the island, the package prices are reasonable and the little extras (like good drinks and a nice gift) add value.

The beachfront location is hard to beat, the performers are terrific, and the luau staff are full of the Aloha spirit. Everyone was so friendly and it really did feel like a backyard family experience.

I would definitely bring friends and family to this one again. And if you’re looking for a great beachfront luau experience on Oahu, Germaine’s Luau is a solid choice.

Germaines Luau Oahu Hawaii Review
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